About the Farm

Roughway Farm has been run by the Cannon family for over 50 years. The farm has produced a variety of crops and farmed hops extensively during its rich history.The farm now grows Raspberries, Cherries, Plums, Apples, Greengages, and Kent Cobnuts. We supply to a variety of independent retailers and major supermarkets; our produce can also be found at local farmers markets.

Nationally Recognised

Roughway Farm has received coverage from a number of national news outlets including; The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Independent, and The Guardian. We have also featured on various television programmes including; Country File, Hungry Sailors, Our Food, Britain Eats, and Inside Out. Full details including links to the coverage can be found on our testimonials page. Click here to read more.

Our Shop

Our shop sells a variety of delicious farm-fresh produce. We take great pride in selecting only the finest fruits and nuts for our customers. We believe we have something for everyone, whether you need ingredients for one of our hand selected recipes or simply want to buy fresh from the farm.

Our Latest News

Coming Soon: Delicious Cobnut Recipes

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Kent Cobnuts going global!

The humble Kent Cobnut has long been a favourite in the UK and has been enjoyed all over the country. Quite uniquely in the UK the nut is eaten at multiple stages, this... Read More

Know your cobnuts

Kent, Gunslebert and Ennis Cobnuts – What is the difference? https://youtu.be/cA2CvkROzVs We look at Kent Cobnuts, Gunslebert Cobnuts and Ennis cobnuts to outline some of the differences between these tasty and varied cobnut varieties.... Read More