Cobnut Harvest Update – 2020

In brief: Good quality Kent and Gunslebert cobnuts, lower yield across all varieties, higher customer demand, low yield of ennis cobnuts. The 2020 harvest has been in full swing and there has been a very mixed picture in this generally … Read More

Cherries 2020 Harvest Update

Despite all that is currently going on in the world, the plants and trees of Roughway have been keeping to mother nature’s evermoving calendar. In recent weeks, the orchards of Roughway have been covered in fantastic cherry blossom. The blossom … Read More

Cobnuts for Canada

We were delighted to recently serve our first few cobnut customers from Canada. They came in quick succession so perhaps there has been some recent discussion in the Canadian press or foodie circles. Kentish cobnuts are sometimes referred to as … Read More

What to do with wild garlic?

It’s that time of year (May) when Wild Garlic can start to be found in woodlands and gardens across the country. There is something incredibly pleasant about foraging for wild garlic. Many can stumble across a wild garlic patch by … Read More

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