Roughway Farm is committed to the rural environment.  As a family farm we have always felt part of the local community and have dedicated resources to keeping the farm attractive and environmentally diverse.

We have for generations kept our fields and woodland well maintained, public footpaths clear, and preserved the Kentish landscape. We have also engaged with our local community though local government and promoted rural affairs in the local and national press.

On the farm we have always practiced mixed and responsible farming. In the modern age we like other industries strive to strike a positive balance between good business practice and the environment.

Roughway Farm is a LEAF Farm

We currently have two major environmental projects on the farm. The first project is to achieve water self-sufficiency. This goal we are well on the way to achieving by sourcing the majority of our water from natural run off.  Going forward this will help keep the farm sustainable and help towards making our fruit all the more delicious.

The second project is our commitment to biodiversity. At Roughway Farm we know that intensive farming has its costs. This is why we have kept many of our hedge rows intact and have created nature zones. These zones have ponds and wild flowers to encourage birds, insects and other wildlife. We also have a good relationship with a local bee keeper who is helping us manage the farm’s bee population.

We love farming and we love our environment. Through our commitment and balanced approach we hope to expand the farm and preserve our unique Kentish landscape.