A home for cobnut lovers

A few years ago, the farm was approached to help with the naming of a new housing estate in Maidstone, Kent. The authorities were keen to learn about different varieties of cobnut so that the whole estate could be named after different types of cobnuts.

We popped in recently to document the different street names and varieties. We did not notice any cobnut trees but perhaps local residents will plant some in the future.

The streets include:

  • Cobnut Avenue
  • Cosford Road – Named after the cosford cobnut (Available here).
  • Ennis Close – Named after the mighty Ennis Cobnut (Available here).
  • Cannon Close – Named after the Cannon Ball variety and perhaps John Cannon who helped with the naming of the streets.
  • Filbert Way – Filbert is a old name for cobnuts. But varieties that still have the filbert name include (White Filbert and Red Filbert).
  • Pearson Close – Named after Pearson’s Prolific.
  • Lambert Drive – Named after Lambert’s Filbert.
  • Webbs Close – Named after Webb’s Prize Cobnut.