Cobnut Mulch for RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Roughway Farm was recently approached by education charity REEP (Religions, Education and Environment Programme) to help supply a Cobnut Mulch for their Anglo-Moroccan Garden Project at this year’s Chelsea Flower show.

The garden was 9.5 metres long x 3 metres wide and was inside the Great Pavilion. The exhibit's theme was to showcase some of the gardening projects that REEP have done in Morocco, in particular helping school children create gardens for their schools. It also served as a celebration of Islamic and Renaissance garden forms.

The garden was a sea of colour and the function of our Kent Cobnut Mulch was to replicate the Argan shells used in Morocco.

In Morocco REEP use Argan shells because they help to reduce water use and enhance the soil. By introducing cobnuts to the garden the team were able to produce a garden that served as a British and Moroccan horticultural exchange. The garden was also completely wheelchair accessible which was valued by disabled visitors. Prince Harry visited the pavilion and viewed the REEP garden on the first day of the Show.

The garden received a Bronze in the Flower Show's Discovery Awards.

We currently have a limited supply of cobnut mulch available for your garden projects or for simple potting (see image above). If you are interested we recommend ordering now while we are trialling the product.

Cobnut Mulch

Environmentally friendly much for your garden