From Orchard to Bottle: Elevate Your Juices and Cider Making with Roughway Farm’s Wholesale Apples

Looking for that exceptional British apple flavour to take your beverages to the next level? Look no further than Roughway Farm’s wholesale juice apple service.

Nestled in the heart of Plaxtol, Kent, Roughway Farm boasts flourishing orchards teeming with delicious apples, perfectly suited for crafting premium juices, scale craft ciders and other apple creations.

Please note this page is discussing lorry loads of juice apples. If you want smaller then our web shop sells apples in boxes from 4kg to 9kg.

Here’s what sets Roughway Farm apart:

Roughway Farm’s apples burst with vibrant, natural sweetness and a distinctive depth of flavour ideal for exceptional juices. Graded for Perfection: Each apple is professionally graded and selected to ensure high quality fruit reaches your press. This translates to consistent taste and a streamlined juicing process.

It is not always possible to accommodate variety selection but we are always happy to see if we can.

Bulk Options for Convenience: Choose from bins or bulk lorry loading to perfectly suit your operational needs. Please note wooden bins will need to be returned.

Flexible Transport: While we prefer you to arrange your own lorry transport, they can also assist with inquiries to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Why partner with Roughway Farm?

  1. Elevate your brand: Source the best Kentish apples from a family farm adding to your authenticity and story
  2. Guarantee consistent quality: Benefit from reliable harvests and meticulous grading for a predictable juicing / processing experience.
  3. Support local agriculture: Partner with a dedicated farm committed to good practice.

Ready to take your juices to the next level?

Contact us today on and discover the difference that premium, homegrown apples can make in your product.

Embrace the orchard-fresh taste and elevate your juices with Roughway Farm’s wholesale apple service.