Michel Roux Jr works with Roughway Farm Produce

Roughway Farm was delighted to supply seasonal produce and Kentish Apple Juices for a very special meal by Michel Roux Jr as Part of Shipbourne Farmers’ Market’s 20th anniversary. The dinner was held in Shipbourne at The Chaser and helped raise money for farming and local charities. All of the produce on the evening was provided by local Kent farms and suppliers.

From Farm to Plate

Michel Roux holds a strong commitment to using the finest ingredients in his culinary creations. His passion for locally sourced produce aligns perfectly with the ethos of Shipbourne Farmers’ Market. As the patron of the Kent Farmers’ Market Association (KFMA), Michel Roux Jr has been instrumental in championing local farmers and artisans, encouraging sustainable food practices.

With the produce provided by Roughway Farm and other local producers, Michel Roux and his culinary team worked their magic to create an unforgettable dining experience. From innovative cobnut-based dishes to incorporating the freshest seasonal ingredients, the menu was a testament to the culinary talent and expertise that has made Michel Roux an icon in the gastronomic world.

Roughway Farm also provided the Apple Juices for the evening and there were also a number of local wines from Yotes Court Vineyard, Sanden and Red Hill Farm Estate.

Cobnuts for Michel Roux

During the dinner Tom Cannon from Roughway Farm spoke briefly to Michel Roux about cobnuts. They discussed how Michel ate cobnuts as a young boy growing up in Shipbourne, Kent. The different flavours as they age – creamy when first picked in August/September and then a sweetening as they dry. He was presented with our Cobnut Granola and a bag of Kentish Cobnuts.