What to do with wild garlic?

It’s that time of year (May) when Wild Garlic can start to be found in woodlands and gardens across the country. There is something incredibly pleasant about foraging for wild garlic.

Many can stumble across a wild garlic patch by walking through and releasing that distinctive smell. But to the educated eye the patches stand out in woodland and gardens with their distinctive leaves and white flowers, and discovering a patch in a woods or garden can feel very rewarding when you consider all of the the many things that can be made with wild garlic. Beautiful flavours and real provenance (although always make sure you have the land owners permision).

Something we love to make at the farm is a Kent cobnut and wild garlic pesto. The nutty flavour is a very pleasant addition to pasta and spaghetti. Of course cobnuts do not usually share the season with foraged wild garlic, so you will have to have kept some stored from harvest the previous September but this is certainly a healthy and enjoyable meal if you have kept some aside.

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