Roughway Originals Recipe: Greengage and fresh cobnut jam

An original Greengage and fresh cobnut jam

Once again, Mother Nature matches these two ingredients by ensuring that the green cobnuts are ready to pick at around the same time as greengages and plums. In a preserve or jam they really are the perfect marriage. The less ripe the fruit the more pectin they contain, so will set better. It is worth investing in a cooking thermometer or probe if you start making jams.


• 1kg greengages or plums
• 250ml water
• Juice of one lemon
• 750g caster sugar
• 200g fresh cobnuts cut into thin slivers

You will need a selection of sterilised jars – fill with freshly boiled water or place in an oven at 120C for 10-15 minutes


  1. In a heavy based saucepan or jam pan, place all the ingredients.
  2. Bring to the boil and then allow to simmer until the temperature reaches 105C ensuring that it does not catch on the bottom.
  3. To check whether ready place a small spoonful onto a saucer and place into the fridge for a couple of minutes.
  4. Remove your sauce from the fridge and run your finger through the middle of the jam. If it wrinkles slightly and the two sides don’t run back into each other it will be ready.
  5. Add your sliced cobnuts to the jam and stir through so evenly distributed.
  6. Take from the heat and allow to cool slightly before carefully transferring into the sterilised jars.
  7. Place a small circle of greaseproof paper on top of the jam before tightening the lids.

Roughway Farm Originals have been made in collaboration with Julie Friend, BBC MasterChef Winner 1997. Find out more in our video below!