250g – 1Kg: Dehusked Kent Cobnut Gift Bag
250g – 1Kg: Dehusked Kent Cobnut Gift Bag
250g – 1Kg: Dehusked Kent Cobnut Gift Bag

Dehusked Kent Cobnut Gift Bags – 2023 Season – Now Dispatching

Our cobnut gift bags are the perfect present for anyone who loves cobnuts at Christmas and nuts generally. Our gift bags come in weights of 250g, 500g and 1kg. The bags are perfectly reusable and have a drawstring that seals the bag. If you want an original, rural and wholesome gift this is the answer!

Our delicious Dehusked Kent Cobnuts are full of flavour and are perfect in dishes or simply on their own. We like roasting them and dipping them in dark chocolate! Dehusked Kent Cobnuts become darker during the season.

Cobnuts have a nationally recognised nutritional profile and are said to be fantastic sources of protein:

Cobnut kernels typically contain 12%-17% protein by dry weight, and about 10%-15% fibre. Cobnuts are very rich in vitamin E and in calcium, typically containing about 21mg and 141mg per 100g kernel (dry weight) respectively. They provide about 0.4mg and 0.55mg of vitamins B1 and B6 respectively per 100g dry weight.

Our gift bags are available in a 250g, 500g or 1kg. Please be aware that dehusked nuts still have a shell. 

Want to know what to do with dehusked cobnuts? Look at our recipes. From Biscotti to pesto we have a tasty idea or two.

Please also note that all our cobnut gift bags are labelled ‘Kent Cobnuts’ even when ordering a different variety gift bag.

Gift Bag Storage Advise: Please note that we keep our cobnuts cool to keep the kernels in good condition. The cooling from storage and during transport can mean the cobs get a bit damp. If this occurs then please air and dry the cobnuts and then place back in the bag once dry. We recommend keeping cobs in the salad draw to keep the kernels larger but do not place the cloth bag in the fridge. If you like sweeter cobs then do not put in the fridge, just leave out to dry and sweeten but be aware if too hot the kernels will dry rapidly. So do not put next to a heater.

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