Handful of mixed varieity dehusked cobnuts
Close up of a mix of cobnut varieties
500g – 3Kg: Dehusked Mixed Cobnuts

Dehusked Mixed Variety Cobnuts – Now out of stock – See you in 2024 – Sign-up for stock notification below

Our main cobnut varieties are Kent, Gunslebert, Ennis and Butler but we actually have over 50 different cobnut varieties in our National Collection. Some varieties will come from a single tree while others may be from a row or small block.

We are delighted to now offer the opportunity for a completely mixed bag. No order will be the same and the cobnuts will be very different to each other (some nuts will be very small, some will have more felt / skin around the kernel). We recommend these for those passionate about cobnuts, keen to taste a range of flavours and tastes. If you are new to cobnuts we really recommend trying our main varieties first.

Dehusked cobnuts should be kept cool to prevent the kernel (the bit you eat) excessively drying. A salad draw is an ideal place for storage. These mixed varieties have mixed moisture content so some will be quite dry with smaller kernels while others will be more milky. This is in part because small varieties don’t have much moisture originally and so can be a lot drier (but sometimes also sweeter). Our mixed cobnuts are available in weights ranging from 500g to 3kg.

Want to know what to do with dehusked cobnuts? Look at our recipes. From Biscotti to pesto we have a tasty idea or two.

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