Crunchy and good storage magic star apple
Magic Star Apple with leaf
Fresh British Apples 4Kg – 9Kg

Scrumptious British Apples – Enjoy a bumper box or send as a gift

In stock: Cameo, Magic Star

Enjoy the delicious taste of British Apples by ordering a bumper box directly from Roughway Farm. Currently Available in weights of 4kg to 9kg. 

We have a range of our apple varieties available from crunchy Gala to the fantastic Magic Star. When ordering either select a specific variety or alternatively select Any Eating Variety and we will send the most current variety. We will send out delicious apples, there may be occasional marks, but the taste will be fantastic.

We also have a limited supply of Bramley apples. These range in size and shape. Bramley is particularly prone to marking (because they are more prone to hail markings). Bramley will need to be specifically selected as this is most commonly known as a cooking variety.

Please be aware that the apple harvest can move rapidly so we may have to substitute a ordered apple variety.

Our apples:

–          Perfect for parties

–          Great value

–          Farm fresh quality

–          Reduced time from field to table

–          Traceability – Know exactly where your Apples have come from

–          Directly Supporting British Farming

–          An apple a day keeps the doctor away!


If you are having a party, enjoy smoothies, making a delicious crumble or just want large quantities of fresh British fruit then order from us today.

Gift of apples – Send a box of apples to a colleague, friend or relative. Add their delivery address at the checkout. If you want to send a short message we can write these on our small gift cards.

Our fresh fruit one day delivery service currently operates in mainland England and Wales from Monday to Friday*.

Please add a note to your order if you are planning in advance and want your fruit by a specific day.

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