Kentish Plums from Roughway Farm, Plaxtol
Fresh British Plums 3Kg-10Kg
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Fresh British Plums 3Kg-10Kg

2021 Harvest – Update 30/09/21 – Now Out Of Stock – See you in 2022 – Signup to the notification list below, add to basket and a signup will appear. 

Tasty and flavoursome plums. Perfect eaten fresh or turned into a range of scrumptious desserts and jams. Currently Available in weights of 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg and 10kg. 

Looking after your fruit: We keep our plums chilled just hours after being picked to lock in the freshness. We also pick to avoid splitting and weather damage. With this in mind, if your plums arrive firm then allow your plums to ripen further at room temperature. Once ripe or if they arrive ripe keep refrigerated in salad draw until you are ready to enjoy.

Our Plum Boxes are:

–          Perfect for parties

–          Great value

–          Farm fresh quality

–          Reduced time from field to table

–          Traceability – Know exactly where your plums have come from

–          Directly Supporting British Farming


Our fresh fruit one day delivery service currently operates in mainland England and Wales from Monday to Friday*. All of our plums come packaged in card boxes with protection to ensure quality from field to table. The plums are loose in the box.

Please add a note to your order if you are planning in advance and want your fruit by a specific day.

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