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Fresh Kentish Apple Juices – Now available in 250ml bottles!
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Our original Kentish Apple Juice is a celebration of the apple. Pressed from the apples that grow on the loamy and fertile slopes of Roughway, this juice reflects the dedication and passion that is required to grow the most succulent apples. Each bottle show’s the contours of the land that produced the apples for our juice.

These mini apple juices are a perfect gift or enjoyable as a mixer. They are also a great option for those that want an alternative to wine, beer and spirits.

You can enjoy on particular flavour or order a ‘Mixed Order’ that is a equal split of the flavours.

Tasting Notes –  Original Kentish Apple Juice

Our original juice has been carefully pressed from our Braeburn Apples to produce a crisp and sophisticated apple juice. This juice is all about the refreshing apple flavour and the tangy and floral afternotes create a juice that is very refreshing, crisp and enjoyable.

Tasting Notes – Kentish Apple & Raspberry

Our Kentish & Raspberry Apple Juice is packed with our scrumptious apples and juicy raspberries. A wonderfully fresh apple juice with a refreshing raspberry taste. Perfect to celebrate the end of harvest. This juice is made with a blend of cameo and gala apples with fresh raspberries. 

Tasting Notes – Sweet Apple juice

A contrast to our original juice that is made with crisp Braeburn apples. Our sweet juice is a careful Cameo and Gala apple blend to create a sweeter juice that has a depth of apple flavour. 

Serving Instructions

All our juices should be chilled and served in a wine glass. They are great with ice.

Further Details

The juice is in 250ml bottles. The juice has no added sugar and is not from concentrate. We send the bottles in protective wrap and card boxes.

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