KCA Members enjoy a cobnut pruning lesson

Time to get pruning those Cobnuts!

John Cannon recently hosted a training session on the art of pruning Kentish Cobnuts. The well attended session was for members of the Kentish Cobnut Association and was attended by a wide range of people, including staff from the National Trust keen to enhance their skills and management of cobnut trees.

Why is pruning so important? 

Pruning is an important step to make sure the cobnut trees are healthy and produce the best possible cobnuts.

To keep Cobnut plats healthy and yielding the trees need to dedicate their energy to producing large tasty cobnuts. Pruning helps to stop the tree wasting energy on growing branches and wood, keeps the tree manageable and can prevent disease spreading within the tree. A well pruned cobnut plat should be making around 1 to 2 tonnes per acre.

At Roughway Farm we are incredibly fortunate to have some of the most skilled staff and knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation.

“The whole secret of nut pruning is confidence”
John Cannon