1.5kg minced pork
450g uncooked ham hock, chopped
100ml dry cider
Thin cut streaky bacon
Bay leaf
4tbsp shelled gunslebert cobnuts – Order Here
2 figs, sliced


1. Preheat oven to 200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6

2. Put the minced pork and ham hock into a bowl with the cider, mix well and marinate for an hour. (We recommend Turners Cider from Marden, Kent for drinking but it would also add something special when cooking).

3. Butter a terrine or ovenproof dish and line the bottom and sides with the streaky bacon. Top with the bay leaf and 4 peppercorns then half fill the dish with the pork and ham. Scatter over the gunslebert cobnuts then arrange the sliced figs on top. Put the other half of the pork and ham on top and cover with a lid or foil

4. Fill a large roasting tin with enough boiling water to come 1½ inches up the side of the terrine dish and bake for 1½ hours

5. Remove from the oven, cover with fresh foil and put a weight on the top to press the pate down. Cool then store in the fridge and serve sliced with crusty bread