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Potted Gunslebert Cobnut Trees – Out of Stock

We now have a number of  Gunslebert Cobnut trees available in 7 Litre pots – We are out of 3 litre Gunslebert Cobnut trees. These trees are on British grown roots and are suitable for planting most places in the UK.

These are ideal for planting and producing high yielding trees. Many garden centers currently sell seedling trees and these usually yield very few cobnuts. These trees are the same trees that we grow on the farm and if properly maintained should produce a good crop of Kent Cobnuts.

Cobnuts are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. In winter the catkins on the trees brighten up the trees.

Two varieties are deemed preferable for pollination but not essential as common hedge row nut can assist with pollination.

The trees do vary in size and shape but are generally between 30cm and a meter. We cannot guarantee the size of the trees selected for delivery but every care is taken to select a good tree.


On Arrival:

We advise watering the pot and planting promptly into the ground or into a large pot for later planting if required. The pot should have room to allow further root growth. The tree will need a healthy watering over the first few days.

If planting dig a hole twice the size of the pot and tease out the roots.Make sue that the root ball is level and not at an angle. Water regularly and monitor.

The aim after this point will be to manage the growth of branches. These should be allowed to form at least 60cm from the ground.

A useful pruning and management guide is available from the Kent Cobnut Association. Click Here

Other information can be found online.


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