Kent Cobnuts going global!

The humble Kent Cobnut has long been a favourite in the UK and has been enjoyed all over the country. Quite uniquely in the UK the nut is eaten at multiple stages, this includes when the husk is green / golden and the nut is more milky, through to the slightly sweeter dryer cobnuts available end of season.

However, we have had an increasing number of customers from overseas and even more speculative enquiries from those looking to buy cobnuts. Many customers are expats keen to get that unique taste of home but there has also been demand from new cobnutters who are keen to find out what all the fuss is about!

While exporting Kent Cobnuts has its challenges (Potential Australian customers we have tried!) it seems that there is growing awareness for Kent’s local nut with customers hailing from various countries including the USA, Germany and Norway to name but a few.

At Roughway we are happy to look into delivering to you wherever you are. Prices vary depending on weight and location but we now send to most European countries for £18.45 and the US / Canada starts from £50 upwards (so we recommend larger quantities to get the best value).

Customers from the Republic of Ireland looking to buy Kent Cobnuts can order here

If you would like to make an enquiry please email