Cobnut Dukkah


Handmade from Kentish grown cobnuts

Our own handmade Cobnut Dukkah is now ready to order. Dukkah sometimes spelt duqqa is a middle eastern condiment. In the bazaars of Egypt the blends can vary from each vendor, with distinctive family recipes adding unique twists. We have added our own unique twist by adding our finest handpicked Kentish grown cobnuts.

Our handmade Cobnut Dukkah is perfect with a delicious sourdough dipped in British rapeseed oil. The social process of breaking bread is perfect for parties, dinner guests and for a light bite to eat.

The delightful nutty flavours are incredibly moreish and can also make an excellent addition to meats, potatoes and various other dishes. We have tried our Dukkah on roasted vegetables, potatoes, chicken, pork and even as a finishing touch to pizza.

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Available in: single jars of 50g or packs of 3 (3 x 50g), 4 Jars ( 4 x 50g), 6 Jars (6 x 50g).

Cobnuts (Allergen)

Sesame Seeds (Allergen)

Coriander Seeds

Cumin Seeds




Please be aware this product contains nuts and seeds. A number of major allergens include; cobnuts (cultivated hazelnut) and sesame seeds. Handmade in a kitchen that may contain peanuts. Please take note and be aware this product has allergens.


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1 Jar (50g), 3 Jars (50g x 3), 3 Jar Gift Box (50g x 3), 4 Jars (50g x 4), 6 Jars (50g x 6)


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