Roasted Cobnuts


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Enjoy a pack of our roasted cobnuts as a snack or add them to your baking. Fantastic on their own or with other added flavourings such as salt, salt & herbs, honey, sugar, cinnamon – the possibilities are endless!

We crack and roast our own cobnuts grown at the farm. Our Roasted Cobnuts are available in 60g pouches. When ordering you are ordering multiple 60g pouches of roasted cobnuts.

Kentish Cobnuts are a heritage and specially cultivated variety of hazelnut. At the farm we grow a range of varieties which include Kent, Ennis and Gunslebert. Our roasted cobnuts could use any of these varieties or even be a mix.

We particularly enjoy making our own roasted cobnut flavour mixes to enjoy with drinks. Also boosting the nut content of cereal and puddings is another fantastic use. Cobnuts are also high in protein and contain good fats and vitamins.

Roasted Cobnuts / Hazelnuts (Allergen)

Please be aware this product contains nuts and could contain traces of other nuts including peanuts. Please take note and be aware this product has allergens.

While every effort has been taken to remove shells some may still remain. Please be aware of this when consuming.

Each pouch of roasted cobnuts weighs 60g. The more pouches you order the better the value. Prices include VAT. Delivery is added at the checkout.

Each pack has been carefully cracked and roasted on our new equipment. We hope to launch larger bulk packets soon and you are welcome to get in touch as we develop our roasting capabilities and techniques..We have just started learning so please feel free to provide feedback.


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