3kg, 20Kg – 140kg: Red Squirrel Cobnuts – Preorder
3kg, 20Kg – 140kg: Red Squirrel Cobnuts – Preorder
3kg, 20Kg – 140kg: Red Squirrel Cobnuts – Preorder

Red Squirrel Cobnut Mix / Squirrel Feed – Preorder

Update 26/07/21 – We are now out of dehusked cobs from 2019. We are now taking preorders of 2021 squirrel cobnuts. These will be husked and will most likely be white filbert, particularly at the start of the season. We will dispatch on harvest likely to be in September. 

Roughway Farm has supplied cobnuts for Red Squirrel conservation projects across the UK.

Our red squirrel cobnuts are mixed cobnut varieties that are suited for squirrel consumption. Our squirrel nuts are a mix of husked nuts and dehusked nuts and can vary in terms of appearance. Our squirrel nuts are all grown in Kent and are certainly enjoyed by the squirrels!

We currently sell a range of weights from smaller packets for home use in gardens to larger bulk quantities in 20kg boxes. Please note we now place all sack orders in boxes due to a request from our courier. If you want a larger order please email and we are happy to organise.

If you want British sourced Squirrel food then we recommend buying from Roughway.


This product is not extensively sorted to keep costs low. These nuts are not recommended for human consumption due to the ranging quality and size.

For orders of over 140kg we recommend emailing store@roughwayfarm.co.uk

Images show some of the cobnut varieties used in our squirrel mix. 


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