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We have partnered with our friends at a fellow Kentish farm to sell their delicious Forced Rhubarb. At Roughway we love sharing our fresh produce with you but after trying our friends Rhubarb we had to share this seasonal delight. Grown in Kent this Rhubarb is perfect for crumbles, jams, gins and all manner of foodie delights for the Winter season.

Forced Rhubarb is normally thinner than the unforced and it produces these extra thin and elegant stems which outdoor does not. Our bundles of Tender Stem Forced Rhubarb taste delicious, they are thinner sticks than you would find in the supermarkets but there is no difference in flavour or quality. In fact we have found the smaller stems cook slightly faster and you still get bright pink juice and the sticks crumble nicely.

New Thicker Stems – For 2023 we are now able to offer thicker stems from the plants and crop. These are still thinner than outdoor rhubarb but are thicker than the Tender Stems. Please see photos to get an idea on the difference.

Other Information – The Forced Rhubarb Season usually runs from December to March. Tunnelled rhubarb runs from March to May and outdoor from April/June and forced picks up again in December.

You are ordering British Rhubarb with the leaf. This ensures freshness, longevity and greater flavour but remember to cut these off when they arrive. Forced Rhubarb is grown in the dark.

We may occasionally need to cut off the leaf or shorten the rhubarb before dispatch. This is most often due to vigorous growth making them too long for box dispatch.

Currently Available in weights of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg and 10kg. 

Our Rhubarb Boxes are:

–          Perfect for cooking those seasonal treats

–          Great value

–          Farm fresh quality

–          Reduced time from field to table

–          Traceability – Know exactly where your plums have come from

–          Directly Supporting British Farming

Looking after your Rhubarb

We keep the Rhubarb chilled to lock in the freshness. When your bundle arrives if not putting to work straight away then keep it in the fridge. You will have around 1 week with it being at its best but do monitor. Rhubarb is quite hardy and so if you leave it a bit too long then it is worth trying to cook with it so it doesn’t go to waste.

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Your Rhubarb comes packaged in a card box. As we are working with our friends produce we may need a few more days than our normal Fresh Fruit service for our own Cherries, Plums and Greengages as we may need to restock with freshly picked crop and this is not fully under our control. We will use our next day services, so aim to reach our standard fruit overnight service (Mon-Thursday eg. order before 5pm Monday, processed Tuesday, delivered Wednesday. No weekend delivery but order Fri-Sun and we will aim to get it to you Tuesday). For further details please see standard terms and conditions. Please add a note to your order if you are planning in advance and want your Rhubarb by a specific.


Tender Stem, Thicker Stem


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